Dogs Mead: a puzzle in logic (find her age)

Farmer Dogs Mead is a famous old English puzzle. Although it relates to a farmer, his family and his land, it involves a good deal of logic and some arithmetic.

The problem is to find the age of Mrs. Grooby, Farmer Dunk's mother-in-law.

You must not assume the puzzle was created this year. When was it written? Certainly before the beginning of last century and before it was acceptable to write numbers with leading zeros.

A downloadable version in pdf format is also available

You will need to know the following facts:

  1. There are twenty English shillings to the pound sterling
  2. An acre is 4840 square yards
  3. A mile is 1760 yards
  4. A rood is a quarter of an acre – 1210 square yards
  5. 1 mile = 1.609 km or 1 km = 0.621 of a mile

There are also a couple of hints:

  1. One number in the puzzle is the area of Dogs Mead in roods but it relates to something quite different from that area
  2. One of the numbers down is the same as one of the numbers across.

Clues across:

  1. Area of Dogs Mead in square yards
  2. Age of farmer Dunk's daughter Martha
  3. The difference between the length and breadth of Dogs Mead in yards
  4. Number of roods in Dogs Mead times number 9 down
  5. The year when Little Piggly came into occupation by the Dunk family
  6. Farmer Dunk's age
  7. The year farmer Dunk's youngest child Mary was born
  8. Perimeter of Dogs Mead in yards
  9. The cube of Farmer Dunk's walking speed in miles per hour
  10. Number is 15 across minus number 9 down

Clues down

  1. Value of Dogs Mead in shillings per acre
  2. The square of Mrs Grooby's age
  3. The age of Mary
  4. Value of Dogs Mead in pounds sterling
  5. Age of farmer Dunk's first-born, Edward, who will be twice as old as Mary next year
  6. The square of the breadth of Dogs Mead in yards
  7. Number of minutes Farner Dunk needs to walk one and one-third times around Dogs Mead
  8. See 10 down
  9. 10 across times 9 down
  10. One more than the sum of the digits in the second column
  11. Length of tenure in years of Little Piggly by the Dunk family
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