Can you guess the 50 tube stations?

London Underground logo:  © London Transport The cryptic clues below all refer to London Underground stations. Can you guess them? The page has been set up as an online form, so you can fill it in online if you want - and even submit it to the editor if you really want to show off! The handles of successful solvers will be published here, with grovelling and cloying praise for their talents.

We also have a downloadable pdf version, for those who prefer to do their puzzles on paper.

Finally, for those of you who do not keep all the 280 London tube stations in your head, you can download a pdf list as a reference.

Tube quiz online form: your ICC handle

What Underground stations do these clues represent?
01. An angry monarch
02. Make 'em sick
03. Monks with dirty hands
04. A road with a betting shop
05. Ecological vicars
06. Richard Whittington's des res
07. Charred quercus robur
08. Dorien's domain
09. Ex councillor Derek is angry
10. Passports please
11. This place is a riot
12. Cockney rabbit 'ole
13. Woof, woof
14. Created a valley
15. A mound of dyslexic mosquitoes
16. She was not amused
17. An American setting for English comedies
18. Where a Frenchman met his end
19. An old place to roll your own
20. A place to Live and Let Die
21. Would you find a branch of Lloyds Bank here
22. MC shoeing horses
23. Babar and Balmoral
24. 'Just the one' is on the up in this leisure garden
25. Non alcoholic lager
26. Could this be where the chief executioner lives?
27. Tea party at the big house
28. Catches a rabbit by a stream
29. Heidi's house
30. Anyone for tennis?
31. Regal open space
32. Labour's card game
33. A university city with a big top
34. Is Karl Marx's grave a communist plot?
35. Elliptical
36. Flockwatcher's flora
37. Chelsea's home by a stream
38. A lucky number of nuns
39. Where you cultivate calcium carbonate
40. Car manufacturer
41. An ancient thoroughfare
42. A description of the hugeness of this station?
43. Father and son TV doctors live here
44. Gabriel
45. Seat of government
46. Doctor Foster practises here
47. Is this station falling down?
48. TV school
49. Obelisk
50. A Scottish thoroughfare