Poetry from 67

We have several pages of verse altogether (and hopefully in the future, prose writings too); these are mostly limericks on various themes. As an example of the talents of 67ers, here is Montybrogan's version of Jerusalem.

Montybrogan dressed for a Saturday night out

Monty's Jerusalem

And did those pawns in ancient times
Walk upon ICCs chess boards brown?
And was the holy play of Topalov
On ICCs pleasant channels shown?

And did the international masters shine forth
On the boards of bullet chess?
And was channel 67 builded here
Among ICCs dark satanic politics channel?
Bring me my rook of steely castling
Bring me my knight of of L shaped movement
Bring me my bishop, oh checks unfold
Bring me my queens of fire
I will not cease from channel tells
Nor shall I give up on herbs quizzes
Till we have built channel 67 in IC

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