ch67ers play chess

Above image is Copyright: albund / 123RF Stock Photo A brutal end from MattF This is the game Mattf v NN36, played on 26/05/2014.  In the first diagram, Mattf has just played 18. B(c1)h6.   Black […]


Chessbots on ICC

Above image is copyright : Andriy Popov Here is a list of some of the computers you can play against on ICC, along with the speeds they will play at and their ratings as at 12 July […]

Puzzles etc

British chess quiz

Here is a short quiz about British chess players. Answers can be found at: 1. Who is the player in the main picture, whose famous mate now bears his name? 2. Scotland, England and […]


Yes I will be supporting England

Above image copyright: sborisov [ Update:  I’ve just been called a “turncoat” on Facebook for supporting England.   Good grief – the language of the 17th century as well as  17th century attitudes] “I think I’m becoming […]