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verdenotte(GM) We now have a problems page, a games and episodes page, and some new limericks. Contributions are always welcome, so please message TheBishop and we'll get them up for everyone to admire.
Members' gallery
grant The photo gallery is the central feature of this website - rightly too, as we're such a good-looking bunch.

Member of the month is grant.

Puzzles and limericks
Ch67 limericks page Creativity from the people of 67. Puzzles, quizzes and poetry are on these pages. But please remember that contributions should be about either chess or Britain.
The Chess
Ch67 chess pagesGames and episodes from our own members.

Some great moves, and some not that great.

Chess art pages
Czharina has created a large number of chess images, and has allowed us to reproduce some of them here. They really are worth a look, so please check them out on Czharina's page.